7 Best Boys Bathroom Ideas For You

Boys bathroom ideas can be as unique or traditional as you want them to be. For example, if your son loves superheroes, why not install a themed bathroom with pictures of superhero characters on the walls and a sink with a built-in cape rack? Or, if your son is into sports, why not get a bathroom with team logos all over the walls? There are endless possibilities when it comes to boys bathroom ideas. Make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable and functional for your son.

How to customize your bathroom

No reason your bathroom can’t be just as special as the rest of your home. With a little creativity, you can customize it to fit your style and personality. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Add some color with a bright mural or tile flooring.

2. Choose old-fashioned accessories like framed prints and towel rings.

3. Create a spa-like atmosphere by adding lush bath mats, towels, fragrant candles, and soothing music.

4. For a more modern look, go for sleek cabinetry and fixtures or opt for a splash of nature with plants in containers or on the floor.

5. Finally, don’t be afraid to personalize details like towel racks and shower curtains – after all, no two bathrooms are alike!

What are some of the best boy bathroom ideas?

There are many ways to make a boy’s bathroom his own, regardless of size or style. Here are five of our favorite ideas:

1. Add some cool-looking tiles or mosaics in one or more bathrooms for an extra decorative touch.

2. Install a big-screen TV with a DVD player and plenty of games for after baths.

3. Choose a theme – pirates, cars, or superheroes – and decorate accordingly.

4. Add colorful shower curtains to set the tone and create privacy without dividing the space into separate areas for boys and girls.

5. Create a functional space with shelves for supplies, hooks for towels, bathrobes, hats, etc., and storage cabinets for toiletries and other accessories.

Customizable: Let your boys design their bathroom however they want!

Boys love to have their own space, and bathrooms are no exception. That’s why it’s so important for moms and dads to allow their sons to customize their bathrooms however they want! Whether your boy loves sports teams or dinosaurs, there’s a bathroom design that will fit his unique personality. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1) Let your son pick out the colors of the walls, floor tile, and accessories. It will help him feel like he has a personal space in the bathroom.

2) Add themed shower curtains or a fun mural. It adds character and makes him feel like he’s taking a special shower.

3) Decorate the toilet with his favorite team or character stickers. It will make him laugh and feel special while he uses the facilities!

7 Cozy Bathroom Ideas for Boys

Boys bathroom ideas can be as rustic or modern as you like. If you’re looking for a cozy space to relax after a long day, some of our favorite options include: -A small, private bath with a big tub and shower. 

  • A large, comfortable bathtub with built-in benches and a TV mounted on the wall.
  • A room with several different-sized showers and towels hanging on racks.
  • A combination of all three options: a small private bath with a big tub and shower, a large bathtub with built-in benches, and a room with several different-sized showers and towels hanging on racks. 

Whatever your boy’s favorite style, we’ve got plenty of cozy bathroom ideas to help make him feel at home.

Use fun colors and patterns

Try using fun colors and patterns to make a boy’s bathroom feel more like home. For example, if your son loves cars, use a colorful design of cars on the walls or floor. If he’s into trucks, go for a truck theme. Or, if he’s into dinosaurs, add some Jurassic-themed designs to his space. The possibilities are endless!

Install a mini pool or spa

A mini pool or spa can be the perfect addition to their bathroom for young boys. They provide a fun and relaxing place to soak up some sun or cool off on a hot day, and mini pools and spas also come in handy for teaching kids about swim safety.

Hang retro posters

Retro posters can be a great way to decorate a boys bathroom. They can add a bit of fun and nostalgia, and they’re also an easy way to spruce up the space. Some ideas for retro posters in a boys bathroom include sports teams from yesteryear, movie characters from the ’80s and ’90s, and popular TV shows from that era. Whatever your son’s favorite memories are, there’s likely a retro poster out there that he’ll love.

Add a woodsy theme

Are you looking for a woodsy bathroom theme for your son? Here are 8 ideas to get you started. 

1. Add birch cabinetry and rustic tile or grout in the showers and toilets. 

2. Choose mint green or forest green walls and floors, and use natural woods like oak, beech, hickory, and maple for the furniture, accessories, and flooring. 

3. Decorate with nature-inspired prints on the walls and a few mounted animal heads as décor touches. 

4. Install a hand-held showerhead with water droplets that create the appearance of rain or snowflakes—a perfect touch for a woodland scene! 

Colors of the walls, floor tile

Boys bathroom ideas can be as unique and individualized as the boys themselves. Whether you want a bright, colorful space to show your personality or something more minimalistic and sophisticated, there’s a design for you. Remember that when selecting colors for the walls, floor tile, and accessories, it’s important to consider what your son is likely to enjoy. Here are some popular boys bathroom colors: 

Blue: This color is classic and has a calming effect on kids. It can also be complementary to other colors in the room. 

Green: This color is traditionally associated with nature and is easy on the eyes. It also makes a great neutral palette for any room.

Pink: Not just for girls anymore! This fun, girly color can add a stylish look to any boy’s bathroom.

Natural and Cool: Keep the look natural with cool colors and materials

Boys love cool, fresh-looking bathrooms with modern features, so capitalize on those preferences using natural materials and cool colors. For example, use a light green or blue color scheme to give your boy’s bathroom a sleek and modern look. You can also use neutrals like white or black for a more traditional look. And if you want to add some personality to his space, consider adding fun accessories like brightly colored sinks or tile designs.

Organized and Spacious: Make sure the bathroom is organized and spacious so your boys can relax

Boys need a space in which to relax and unwind. A well-organized and spacious bathroom can help make this happen. Here are some tips for designing a boys’ bathroom that will meet their needs: 

1. Choose a theme or design style that your son will love. If you want him to feel like he’s in his world, go with a retro or vintage look. If your son is more into the contemporary trend, go with sleek, modern designs. 

2. Designate separate areas for cleanliness and relaxation. Have one area for washing hands and another for brushing teeth; separate areas for taking a shower and shaving; and separate storage spaces for toiletries, towels, and so on. This way, your son can focus on relaxing without feeling overwhelmed by chores.


In conclusion, creating a boys bathroom that is both functional and fun can be a great way to make sure that your kids feel comfortable using the restroom. Some simple tips to get started include designing a space that is colorful and inviting, providing plenty of storage options, and ensuring that there are plenty of games and other activities available for them to enjoy.

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